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Psychological Services

Therapy and Assessment Services: Services
Woman & Doctor

Confidential Therapy

All sessions are completed online via teletherapy, or a small number of sessions each week are reserved for in-person visits.

To get started, we will set a time for a free initial phone consultation (approximately 15-20 minutes), where we discuss the issues you've been experiencing.  This will help make sure I'm the best resource for you, and able to assist.

Afterwards, if we choose to begin working together, we will conduct our Intake Session online or in-person.  This visit is $150.  All therapy under my care begins with an Assessment Phase, which lasts between 1 and 3 sessions.  In this phase of treatment, we will begin assessing your concerns, symptoms, and difficulties.  The Intake Session begins this process. 

After the Assessment Phase is completed, you and I will collaboratively discuss your diagnoses (if any), my conceptual/theoretical understanding underlying your concerns, and you will be provided with several treatment options based on your personal goals for treatment.  Once completed, we begin the Therapy Phase in earnest, and work to improve your life in the way you wish for it to be improved.

Standard session times range between 50-60 minutes and cost ranges from $125-150.  Sessions typically occur weekly, but I also have a small number of every-other-week times available.

Non-standard session times are also possible.  If it makes sense for us, we could set up sessions for 30-240 minutes in length.

I cannot accept or bill insurance directly.  However, once or twice monthly (depending on your needs), I will provide you with an invoice that contains all of the information your insurance company needs to directly reimburse you.  Essentially, you pay for services as they occur, I provide the invoice, you send your insurance company the invoice, your insurance company reimburses you according to your insurance plan details.

Because I am Psypact Enabled, I can provide teletherapy in many other states.  Please see the following list to make sure your state is eligible!

  1. Alabama

  2. Arizona

  3. Arkansas

  4. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

  5. Connecticut

  6. Colorado

  7. Delaware

  8. District of Columbia

  9. Georgia

  10. Idaho

  11. Illinois

  12. Indiana

  13. Kansas

  14. Kentucky

  15. Maine

  16. Maryland

  17. Michigan

  18. Minnesota

  19. Missouri

  20. Nebraska

  21. Nevada

  22. New Hampshire

  23. New Jersey

  24. North Carolina

  25. Ohio

  26. Oklahoma

  27. Pennsylvania

  28. Rhode Island

  29. Tennessee

  30. Texas

  31. Utah

  32. Virginia

  33. Washington

  34. West Virginia

  35. Wisconsin

  36. Wyoming

Exercise Bands

Psychological Assessment

Do you want help but aren't sure what the underlying issues may be?  I provide Psychodiagnostic, ADHD, and Learning Disability assessments. 

Psychodiagnostic Assessments are designed to figure out what disorders you may meet criteria for, and are particularly useful when an individual has a history of several different, complicated concerns.

ADHD and Learning Disability Assessments will help you understand whether or not you meet criteria for ADHD or a Learning Disability (Math, Reading, Written Expression).  The results of these assessments may be used to receive accommodations at schools, colleges, and universities for exams and coursework when those disabilities get in the way of task completion.

Assessments last anywhere from 4-8 hours (likely across multiple sessions), and reports are completed within 3 weeks of testing completion.  You will get a feedback session where the report is explained in detail.  The report will be yours to take home and keep.

All Assessments are $1500.

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